Alibaba Cloud – How does the Asian platform compare to the world’s largest cloud services?

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When one thinks of a cloud service provider, for the majority of tech-savvy people the providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM sprint to mind. So far, AWS has been the leader on the cloud market and a go-to provider for the majority of companies around the globe. However, it seems that in the past few years other cloud providers have emerged into the scene and made their name known to the wider public. One of those providers is Alibaba Cloud.


Here is the current setup based on the latest researches conducted in terms of cloud giants:


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Almost everyone has heard of Alibaba, the Asian e-commerce site offering a vast range of products to worldwide customers who can have their goods delivered to their doorstep. However, not too many people (including those from the IT field) have heard of Alibaba Cloud, the cloud service offered by the Alibaba company. This comes as no surprise since until recently Alibaba Cloud operated mostly in Asia and focused mostly on the China market. Founded in 2009, it has been slowly taking over AWS’s dominance in Asia and following a major investment in 2015 (1 billion dollars, as per WSJ), it has expanded and started operating globally, with the first office being opened in the US and then Europe.


Alibaba Cloud was the fifth provider on the Cloud market, but according to CNBC, it has been progressing at a great speed and has even been fourth, overtaking IBM and Oracle.  Even though it is still not as widely known or used as AWS, its growing pace is reportedly faster than AWS, owing largely to the booming Chinese market, their supportive government initiatives and Alibaba’s current prevalence on that part of the world.


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Based on CloudberryLab, Alibaba Cloud, as compared to other cloud providers, such as Amazon, offers similar cloud computing, storage, etc. At this point AWS still offers a greater range of worldwide coverage, but taking into account the fact that the Asian giant is expanding at a fast pace, it is very likely it will draw level with AWS and others in that area. When it comes to pricing, it is difficult to come to a unanimous agreement about which one is better than the other as the prices vary, but at the same time, this can create an opportunity for the customers to get the best value for their money.


Moreover, based on the information from the current year from CloudberryLab, an approximate quarterly revenue of Alibaba Cloud is 500mil and that of AWS 4bil. According to the same source, AWS remains a much better-known cloud provider in the West as per the image provided, but as Alibaba Cloud is continuously expanding, it strives to become another serious competitor to other cloud providers. Depending on the needs of the customers, it may offer a better value and cater better to their business requirements.