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Badin Soft is a company which now has almost 60 people. However, when people ask us about how it all started and how we came to be, most of them are flabbergasted when they hear that it all started 5 years ago, its inception, of course, owing to the now two partners of the company – Dusan Cvetkovic and Bozidar Ignjatovic.


Boza and DC, as everyone calls them here at the office, were actually working for another IT company in 2013, but then decided to branch out on their own. They first worked as part of a NZ-based company called Tranxactor NZ and started forming a team. Eventually, as the business grew and the team with it, it was obvious that what was missing was a unified structure which will keep us all together. This is when Boza and DC agreed it was time to found an LLC, an independent company working with various worldwide clients. And that’s how Badin Soft came to be.


Badin Soft - History


If you were to ask anyone here at Badin Soft, they would tell you that this was the best decision they ever made. The company continues to grow, and we are now proud to say that we are working with extraordinary clients, both on the domestic and international market. Badin Soft is a place where clients come first, and we make sure that everyone feels heard and appreciated. Maintaining a warm and family-like atmosphere is what we’re all about. We like to think that here at Badin Soft, coming to work is not an obligation but rather a place where people want to be.


November 2018 marks the second official anniversary of Badin Soft. We feel like we have achieved so much, but at the same time there is so much out there we still want to do. In all our endeavors, what we have come to realize undoubtedly is that well… it is all about the people.

Badin Soft 2017


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