Choosing the Right Frontend Framework – ReactJS, AngularJS or VueJS?

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When it comes to JS options, anyone from the IT world would tell you that at this very moment it all boils down to Angular, React or Vue. These frameworks/libraries are developing very fast, due to their increased popularity and demands on the market. To be more specific, the statistics says that nowadays, employers are mostly searching for developers adept primarily at React, then Angular, and lastly Vue.



There are those who prefer Angular over React, and then there are those who do not like either of these saying that Vue is the best as it’s more intuitive than the first two choices.

If the intention is to build a highly interactive web application, Angular is the way to go. Angular is a TypeScript based JavaScript Framework that has been developed and maintained by Google. Other notable companies using Angular are: Wix,, Forbes, Etc.



When it comes to React, it is developed and maintained by Facebook, and known as the ‘JavaScript Library for building user interfaces. If the intention is to build huge web applications where data is changeable on a regular basis, React is a good way to go. Other notable companies using React are: Uber, Twitter, Netflix, Walmart, Etc. For a project to be successful, choosing the right JS framework at the inception of the project is paramount.




Vue, on the other hand, is perfectly fit for creating highly adaptable user interfaces and sophisticated Single-page applications. Vue is the last framework to come out after React and Angular, but it’s gaining popularity fast. Being the most recent to come out, it can be said that Vue took the better things from both Angular and React. Companies that use Vue.js: Xiaomi, Alibaba, WizzAir, EuroNews, Grammarly, Gitlab and Laracasts, Adobe, Behance, Codeship, Reuters.



When it comes to Angular, React or Vue, these are frameworks used world-wide by a vast number of developers. Of course, some developers love React, some love Angular or Vue. Therefore, while there are pros and cons for using either of these, at the end of the day it is the nature of the project that will eventually make the final decision in most cases.