Assistant Cook – Program “My First Salary”


If you are currently registered as unemployed with the National Employment Service, and passionate about cooking, join our team as an Assistant Cook. Bring your teamwork, attention to detail, and commitment to kitchen rules and safety, while creating a welcoming dining experience for our colleagues. Join us on our culinary journey towards excellence. The internship is part of the “My first salary” program of the National Employment Service.

Feel free to apply for our position at until 6.12.2023.

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    Job responsibilities

    • Safely store and handle ingredients in accordance with the Chef's instructions
    • Uphold kitchen cleanliness and hygiene standards, strictly adhering to safety and sanitation protocols
    • Perform dishwashing and ensure the sanitization of all kitchen utensils, equipment, and machinery
    • Assist in plating dishes and setting up for service
    • Work collaboratively in preparing dishes under the chef's guidance, ensuring ingredients are fresh and well-prepared.


    • Under 30 years of age
    • Less than 6 months of professional experience
    • A secondary school or college degree
    • You are currently registered as unemployed with the National Employment Service
    • English language, both written and verbal
    • Demonstrated perseverance and teamwork skills
    • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to continuous improvement
    • Strict adherence to personal hygiene, kitchen rules, safety procedures, and the proper use of protective equipment
    • Maintain a courteous and professional demeanor when interacting with colleagues and guests

    Why you'll love it here:

    • We strive to make Badin not only a place where people come to work, but also a place where people want to be, so you will be surrounded by positive energy and a team with an excellent track record
    • Your education is endorsed through paid conferences, learning platforms, workshops, certifications, and a vast selection of literature
    • We have a premium private health insurance plan which includes regular check-ups, dental appointments, prescription eyewear, and access to private hospitals
    • In addition to individual development plans, we also have tech communities where we share knowledge and best practices
    • Plenty of activities to take your mind off work and recharge your batteries, whether you wanna read a book, play an instrument, enjoy a game of pool, ping-pong, darts, or some video games on our PS, you will always find someone to join you
    • Available in-house English language classes for our employees
    • We have an in-house team of professional cooks who ensure that we regularly eat fresh and healthy specialties
    • We believe that knowing the people you work with will not only make work more efficient but also more fun, which is why we have a strong focus on team-building activities, family and sports events, and frequent celebrations
    • Our people have 100% paid sick leave and a minimum of 22 and up to 28 annual paid vacation days
    • A chance to participate in humanitarian activities

    About Badin Soft

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