Nis as an IT destination

Engineering as part of our DNA

EI Nis IT destination
EI Nis

There’s a saying that people from Nis have engineering genes. That’s not just a saying. Nis was named “the city of electronics” after the once powerful electronic empire. The very first industries that brought our city’s economy to life before the WW II were machine, textile and tobacco industries.

At the beginning of the “golden” eighties of the last century, the COAL Electronic Industry employed more than 28,000 workers, of whom about 18,000 worked in the Nis EI (Electronic Industry). Other world-known economic giants from Nis are the Machine industry Nis, the Tobacco Industry Nis, Nitex (the textile industry), Vulkan – the tyres industry giant, and many more. Nis became the industrial and engineering centre of the Balkans.


The 21st century – the future starts here

The city of Niš was positioned as quite a promising IT destination a couple of years ago. With over 160 IT companies and more than 70 hi-tech companies in Nis, it’s clear that IT and hi-tech are strategic priorities for our city. The freelance community is very vast and grows daily.

Like other major IT centres in Serbia, Niš has its own, NICAT cluster that has been recognized as a key innovation partner with a cohesive role in connecting IT companies with potential clients in the region.

Thanks to the engineering culture and genes, Nis is also a cradle of world-renowned start-up and spin-off companies. A few of them are even among the top 10 companies worldwide. This contributes to increasing the visibility of Nis and its IT companies on the IT map of the world. Additionally, innovation centres and hubs were founded, fostering both formal and informal education of the future engineering masterminds.


Nis as an IT destination hubs innovation centre

The vision

There is a common vision of the IT community to continue developing Nis as an IT and hi-tech centre of the Balkans. In lieu of that, the Faculty of Electronic Engineering’s Annex and Techno Parks are under construction. High school students from Nis have won Math and IT Olympics in the past and will continue passing the knowledge down to the future generations.

The Financial Times has ranked Nis as the “7th city on the top 10 list of small European cities of the future for 2018/2019 when it comes to direct foreign investments”. According to this article, “Nis placed 3rd as a region on the list of top 10 small European regions for 2018/19”.

Nis as an IT destination techno park
The future Techno Park in Nis