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Here at Badin Soft, we have the priviledge to work with IT professionals of all shapes and sizes. We’ll try to represent their vast expertize and experience with various technologies and frameworks, though it constantly changes for the better. Lifelong learning is what really excites our experts and keeps them up to date with the newest trends in the IT industry.



More about Badin Soft’s founders


our experts
Bozidar Ignjatovic, CEO Badin Soft

Bozidar Ignjatovic, or Boza as everyone calls him, is a true friendly face whom everyone likes the minute they shake hands with him. Even though now the CEO of Badin Soft, throughout his life he was no stranger to jobs in various different fields and areas, making him a connoisseur able to offer fresh perspectives to existing processes.

One of Boza’s greatest passions in life is music and for a while there, when he was younger, he was convinced that one day he would become a musician. Boza, however, still opted to pursue a different career, one in engineering, even though to this day music has remained a big part of his life. After graduating from the University of Nis, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, he has had numerous professional adventures, landing him experience in a variety of fields, including banking, where he has accrued years of experience and met acclaimed knowledgeable professionals. He would soon leave the world of banking to follow exciting new opportunities in IT by becoming increasingly interested in programming, eventually shaping himself into a pro Oracle developer. At that time no one could have dreamed the kind of boom IT had in store for the whole world, but working as a developer in IT companies has given him a new perspective of the array of options for the future. The turning point was when he met his then colleague and now business partner Dusan Cvetkovic, a young but very capable developer, with whom he would, later on, establish Badin Soft.

No longer a developer, but now the CEO of Badin Soft, Boza is undoubtedly the kind of boss everyone is looking forward to seeing in the morning. He has created such a positive atmosphere in the company so that no one hesitates to voice their opinion. He strives for Badin Soft to keep making headway in the world of IT, especially by implementing the Agile methodology. Devoid of any hierarchical approach, Boza always treats everyone with respect and kindness, and when time permits, he gladly has a beer or two with his team members. He is an avid practitioner of Tai Chi, which keeps him young and in great shape. When he feels like relaxing, he grabs the acoustic guitar he keeps in his office and just plays. Boza lives in Nis with his wife and son, but if it is the summer holidays, you are much more likely to find him sunbathing in Greece!



our experts
Dusan Cvetkovic, CTO Badin Soft

Dusan Cvetkovic, or DC as our international clients call him, has been passionate about technology at an early age. A young, but clever and resourceful experimenter managed to discover his true calling for IT, even if in the middle of practically proving wrong the famous Serbian saying that one cannot re-insert the toothpaste in its tube after squeezing it out.

He enrolled in a Secondary School department for talented mathematicians and stated building his analytical foundations which will later on make him one of the greatest minds of our company. After finishing secondary school, he embarked on an IT adventure by commencing studies at the University of Niš, Faculty of Science and Mathematics. As the majority of worldwide great minds and innovators, he could not wait to fully finish his studies before taking on freelance work and starting his first official job at an IT company in Nis, where he would meet Bozidar Ignjatovic, with whom he would strike up an immediate friendship. Not long after, the two of them will found Badin Soft.

When it comes to IT, we are sure there are not too many people who resemble him. Even though he now mostly deals with Java and Mobile development (both Android and iOS), his knowledge has no limits. He is a true technical lead for the teams, always striving to find the best solution for any type of development. No technology or area is foreign to him – he has knowledge about back-end, front-end, middle-end, infrastructure, web technologies or anything that comes to mind, really. If he does not know it yet, he sure can master it very quickly. When he comes to work, there is almost a line of people in front of his office of various team members needing a consult or guidance – his friendly approach paired with a vast palette of expertise has made him a go-to person for any technological dilemmas or concerns – and he is only 29.

For his birthday last year, our team gave him a dog. Yes, you heard that right! He now has a sweet and not-so-little-anymore Beagle whom he loves more than anything. In his free time, he likes to watch movies, exercise and discover new gadgets on the market.