Our Story

Badin Soft was founded five years ago by two people who see the world as a set of opportunities instead of obstacles. They had the same vision – ”to improve everyday life using knowledge and hard work”.

We are based in Nis, in the hi-tech valley of the Balkans. It is a region with a strong engineering tradition and great future.

Badin Soft became a part of the Serbian branch of Transactortech and thus made its first international steps. Slowly but surely, we continued to grow. We employed people whose vision of the world entails technology being used and developed to help people around the globe. As our team continued to grow, we encountered a need for a new and larger space. Once there, our team achieved yet another desire and idea of our founders – applying agile methodologies in everyday work.

We are a team of engineers, designers, support specialists, and agile practitioners passionate about finding the right solutions and adding value to our clients’ business and life. And we are looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂


our story
Badin’s team

The journey so far


Start of the journey

Started as a team of two people, a part of Transactortech in Serbia


Expanding our team

We had 8 people working from a small office in Niš


A new space

In 2015 we moved into a new office and continued to grow

Jun 2016

Becoming Agile

We started with Agile

Nov 2016

It’s official

Badin Soft was officially founded as LLC

Jan 2017

A new contract

Signed a new contract with our biggest client Tranxactor New Zealand Limited

Apr 2017

New victories

Conquered new continents – Europe, Australia, Asia!


The growth continues

We have over 50 people on board and we continue to grow!

Apr 2018

A new home

In April 2018 we moved to our new, bigger and better offices!

New partnerships

Jun 2018

New partnerships

We’ve acquired a couple of new partners!

Once small, but now a company with numerous successful projects and cooperations behind itself, Badin Soft has managed to attract, employ and keep 50 employees and associates. The secret of this success lies in the trust we show to our employees every day, in respecting their opinion and in the belief that the same goal connects us all.

our story

We’ll remember the spring of 2018 as a period dedicated to moving to a new space in the centre of the city. We’ll also remember it after continuing successful co-operation with the old and starting new ones with domestic and foreign clients.

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