In addition to providing professional IT services and consulting, we are heavily investing our engineering and designing capabilities into making our own products which should solve various problems for our clients and end users. 

LearningKey is a cloud EdTech platform that enables educators (schools, universities, coaches, trainers and companies) to design and implement comprehensive and interactive learning experiences using just one app for the whole learning journey. It has tools for creating and managing online courses, testing and evaluation, virtual classrooms with systems for scheduling classes, homework features and many more, for total digitalisation of the learning process. 

Badin BPM is a platform for managing business processes within a company. This solution enables efficient process management, flexibility in performing operations, automatisation and speeding up the workflows. On the other end, the app is equipped to track, measure and optimize these processes. Business analysts within the company are empowered to set up any process without any knowledge of programming. End users will be clear with the process flow, where they are in it and the process stadium. Integrations with DMS and core systems of the client are enabled. It is designed for big systems like banks, insurance companies, manufacturing and logistics companies etc. 

Cyber Trapper is a device which detects cyber attacks. Detection is enabled through specially designed baits which simulate different IT devices connected to the network. The bait then transfers the attack information to the security centre and displays it on the interactive world map. In the next phase, the device will block the IP address of the attacker with assistance of a smart firewall and thus protect the client.  

PI Fast is an app which is designed to solve business problems of payment institutions and exchange offices that are emerging in the daily work with clients on the counter, but also to enable and automate the operations and tasks in the back office. This solution enables tellers to perform daily operations with ease with a completely intuitive design. Besides optimising operations, the app is designed to easily distribute software to the offices around the country and enable workflow even when the internet connection is down.  

Info Portal application enables banks and other finance institutions to distribute information through different channels. This empowers end users to easily communicate and exchange important information with the bank (or other finance institution) via laptop or a smartphone device. At the same time, this system exchanges documents, notifications and it represents a safe channel for the bank to communicate with its vast base of clients.

Agent Fast is a software for easy, fast and simple information & docs gathering which are all necessary in the process of a bank credit request. Bank’s sales agents on the field are using the mobile app which enables input of the client’s information, scanning of signed docs, reading of the ID card, and after authentication are available to the operators within the bank through a web application.