ReactJS Day – Our Impressions

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I’ve spent a wonderful afternoon talking with Suzana, Milica and Stevan about their trip to Verona and ReactJSDay conference they attended there. We talked about why developers should visit such conferences, what were other peers there like, as well as what one shouldn’t miss when visiting Italy. Hope you enjoy it!


Jelena: What are the current trends in React?

Milica: I’d say those are “new features” that came out with the new version of React from 16+ onwards. The current version is 16.6, but a lot of new features have been released with versions 16.5 and 16.4.
What’s also interesting are the apps for the new version of React Router, which Michael Jackson presented during his speech at the conference. Aside from that, one of the current trends is GraphQL, representing the new API architecture tools. When it comes to trends, I should also mention Reason and ReasonReact. We are talking about a new programming language that’s been gaining more and more popularity.
All in all, we learned a lot of new things and participated in a workshop, which, in my opinion, was very useful, because we could learn a lot through concrete examples and practical work. Among other things, about high order components, compound components, the new API context. I really liked that.


Milica Aleksić


Jelena: In your opinion, what is the key difference between domestic and ReactJS conference you’ve just attended?

Suzana: Well, I had the chance to attend only one ReactJS conference that was held in Nis, besides this one. So, my humble opinion would be that the main difference is in the lecturers. At an International conference, you have the opportunity to hear people with broader experience and notable achievements. Along with that more serious topics are analyzed in greater detail.
The conference in Nish was just for ReactJS beginners, and even though the lecturer was great, and explained everything nicely, I expected a little more in terms of information and news.
On the other hand, the conference in Verona was at an advanced level, so I really had the chance to learn a lot of new things and hear about the latest ReactJS & IT trends.


Jelena: Do you think such conferences contribute to the personal development of developers, and why would you recommend them to your colleagues?

Stevan: Definitely yes, but it all depends on the concept and the theme of the conference itself, as well as the affinity of the developer. It means a lot more if a workshop is a part of the conference itself because you have the opportunity to work with practical examples. The conference is useful if one wants to keep up with the news, future trends and opinions of important people in the given area. The workshop is practical, and the conference is of an informative nature.


Stevan Zakić


Jelena: Which of the speakers made the strongest impression on you? What did you like the most?

Milica: A lot of them, but, I would start with Michael Jackson. Someone tweeted “I can finally say that I saw Michael Jackson performing live”. He was very interesting, he’s one of the founders of Reactor Router. The most interesting part was him live-coding the React Ruter and showing us what it all looks like and how it works behind the curtains. He also talked about the benefits of the new RR version. Indeed, you do not often have the opportunity to see the founder coding live right in front of you.

Kristian Kitze Ristovski was also very cool, his whole speech was fun and funny, everyone relaxed and laughed a lot, and we could communicate with him. He talked about things developers like to talk about, as well as about those they do not. For example, about money. He also spoke about FOMO (Fear of a Missing Out). The fear all developers have is that they’ll miss something new, as trends are constantly changing. He explained how to overcome this fear, how new things are often great, but that doesn’t mean that we always have to accept them and that they are best for our project.

Manjula Dube began the workshop with the sentence “Now all get up”, so we got up, and then she continued with “Now we’re going to do yoga!” And so the workshop started with yoga. She talked about advanced patterns and everything that we went through on the workshop. It was fun that every slide began with a new yoga pose. She made us all wake up and workout.

I also liked by Ives, the creator of CodeSandbox, who talked about the future of front-end and design, and introduced FramerX to us.

These are the speakers who were the most interesting for me, although they were all great.


Jelena: What were the people at the conference like? Did you get the chance to exchange some experiences? Was there any room left for hanging out?

Stevan: There was room for socializing, and the group I was with was great. We tried to make contact with other people, it was possible to talk to them, but they were not very interested in more intensive socializing. It was possible to participate only in casual conversations.


Suzana Stanković


Jelena: What are the spirit of Verona and streets of Milano like? And for the end, what’s the coffee like in Verona?

Suzana: Verona is a typical Italian city, more precisely the region of Veneto, which was once under the state of Venice. So, the people from Veneto region retained that aristocratic spirit of Venice, which from one side makes them gracious and classy but on the other side not so easily approachable. They also pay a lot of attention to their manners, how they dress and how they look. Verona is heavily visited during the whole year and I suppose that adds to the reasons why locals can be some time distant.

The biggest impression on me left the old Italian restaurants which were hidden from the crowd under the shadow of beautiful trees surrender by statues. You could just see how people of different generations are enjoying in a relaxed conversation with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, and you can feel the true spirit of the city not far from the center. The entire city looks like a fairy tale. I used to live near Verona for a couple of years, and I was amazed by nature. You could see flowers, green grass, and trees throughout the whole year, even in the cold winter days. That is one of the things that makes this region so special. Verona has a very large old town, which was very well maintained over the centuries and is full of a variety of authentic craft shops and restaurants.

Milano is, on the other hand, a true metropolis, a modern city. In Milan, you can see people not only from all parts of Italy, but from all over the world. It’s quite industrially developed, it is the biggest fashion center and is always full of events. What is also characteristic about Milan is Galleria Vittorio II — The World’s Oldest Shopping Mall where you can find high fashion designer shops like Prada, Versace, Armani, Ferrari, … The streets of Milano are always busy, spacious and full of people. Milano is one of the few cities in Italy that has both the old part of the city and the new modern part, built according to the latest architectural trends.
The construction complex we are talking about has been declared as one of the world’s best projects in the field of architecture. In conclusion, we can say that Milano is a mix of history, tradition, culture and modern trends and contemporary architecture.


Suzana, Milica and Stevan had a lot of fun on ReactJSDay conference in Verona, and are already planning several workshops to share their impressions and knowledge with other colleagues.

See you soon with news from other conferences!