Colorful Kicks, Your Way

Badin Soft partnered with Engagis Australia to develop a touch-optimized iPad application for Asics, that allowed users to personalize shoe designs in real time, enhancing customer engagement at a major trade show. The user-friendly app increased booth traffic and brand interaction, while providing valuable data on customer preferences, reinforcing Asics's image as an innovative and customer-centric brand.




Sports Equipment Retail


Challenge Overview

Asics, a renowned leader in athletic footwear and apparel, sought to revolutionize customer engagement.

The challenge we were presented with was to create a unique, digitally enhanced experience that allowed users to customize their shoe designs in real time, and release it before a large sports-equipment trade show in Australia. Our goal was to not only captivate and engage visitors but also to underscore Asics's commitment to innovation, personalization, and customer satisfaction. The expected result was a user-friendly, touch-based application for iPads that would let users modify specific areas of pre-selected shoe models, choosing from an extensive color palette.


Plan and Results

We partnered with Engagis Australia to develop a user-friendly, touch-optimized application tailored for iPads. This application enabled participants to:

Personalize up to 10 different components of 4 specifically chosen shoe models.
• Create highly individualized designs by choosing from a palette of 30 diverse colors for each element.
• Preview the results in real time, which offered an instant visual representation of the customized choices.

This was essential for users to experiment with various color combinations, assess their visual impact, and make informed adjustments to their designs as desired. The customization process was simple, yet engaging, encouraging users to delve deeper into their creative capacities.

After finalizing their designs, participants could name their creations, adding a personal touch to their customized shoes. These designs were then sent directly to Asics via email, allowing users to enter a giveaway and interact further with the brand. This feature also enabled Asics to collect valuable data on customer preferences and trends, which aided future product developments and marketing strategies.


Client Feedback and Conclusion

The feedback from participants was exceptionally positive, highlighting the user-friendly nature of the app and the enjoyable experience it provided. The ability to interactively design and personalize shoes was particularly praised, as it allowed users to express their individuality while engaging with the Asics brand. Additionally, the fair organizers and Asics representatives noted an increased interest and traffic at their booth, attributed to the buzz generated by this innovative engagement strategy.

From a business perspective, the application not only succeeded in enhancing user engagement but also served as a powerful marketing tool, reinforcing Asics's image as a forward-thinking, customer-centric brand. It exemplified how digital tools could be effectively utilized to augment customer experiences and engagement in a competitive retail landscape.

The success of this project provides a scalable model for future marketing initiatives and demonstrates the potential of technology in transforming traditional customer interactions into dynamic, memorable events that strengthen brand loyalty and recognition.

Key Benefits

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Enhanced customer engagement

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Personalized experience

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Creative freedom

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Direct feedback channel

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Increased brand interaction

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Giveaway participation

Technologies used