5 great years of Badin and 5 events to celebrate (1/5)


We invite you  to our 1st event in celebration of our anniversary – Badin Anniversary Meetup

Badin Soft has reasons to celebrate every day. We make a great team because we understand and cherish the meaning of “It’s all about people”. Yes, our people are what we are proud of, and each colleague’s success, satisfaction, and happiness are a reason for celebration.

This year, Badin Soft celebrates its 5th anniversary and in that name, we invite you to celebrate with us while having a chance to learn. It pleases us to say that the learning culture is one of the most important things in our company, and this will be a great opportunity for all to learn new things and share knowledge. We prepared two interactive workshops that will surely help your growth and we believe you will enjoy them!
In the first part of the Meetup, our Badin Agile crew prepared for you an interactive workshop that simulates work processes in an IT environment. The workshop is designed in the form of an interactive game.

Meet the Badin Agile crew and read what our colleague Dimitrije Popovic has to say about the Agile workshop we prepared for you

Dimitrije has been working in Badin for almost two years. He started as a Scrum Master in an outsourcing team and says that this was a very important position because it gave him the opportunity to see the development process, practice, but also the importance of teamwork and communication. A year later, he began working as a Product Owner in a team working on the development of an internal project. “As someone who is interested in the software development path, startup mindset, lean development process, and the agile methodology itself, this is the position I have found myself in the most, and it currently offers me a lot of challenges and everyday learning,” Dimitrije said.

Who exactly is the Badin Agile crew?

In addition to being a Product Owner, Dimtrije is also the manager of the Agile Product Community and says that this is another challenge in addition to Product ownership, which offers him a broader picture of the utilization of Agile methodologies, process transformation, and caring for people within different teams and clients.

Badin Agile Crew is the team that works mostly with people while applying various agile frameworks, made up of diverse roles like Scrum Master, Product Owner, QA, etc. In addition, the Agile Crew deals with education in the field of Agile, organizing workshops, sharing best practices, but also shaping the culture of the entire organization,” Dimitrije explained.

Why should people come to the Badin Meetup?

Dimitrije says that the Badin Anniversary Meetup is a great place for networking, exchanging opinions and experiences in an informal atmosphere, socializing, and learning. “As we announced, we have prepared two workshops and one of them is the Agile workshop which will be facilitated by my colleagues from the Badin Agile Crew. The goal of the workshop is to get familiar with challenges that occur every day in the development practice but from a different perspective, on a simple example. The workshop is designed as a game in which the emphasis will be on teamwork, creative skills, communication skills, but above all on understanding the benefits of the Agile methodology and its good practices. “
He also emphasized that the most striking and important thing in Badin is the culture of the company and that our motto is not just empty words. “It’s all about people” is a motto that lives and breathes inside Badin itself and it is something that those present will surely be able to feel. Isn’t the best way possible to spend Monday evening in an atmosphere, and with people like this?

In the second part of the Meetup, the workshop Practical Approach to Microfrontends will be held by our colleague Nemanja Miljkovic. So, meet Nemanja and read what he has prepared for you.

Nemanja is a full-stack & cross-platform developer and has been a part of Badin for a little over 2 years now. He works on projects mostly on frontend and/or mobile. He has been in the world of programming for a long time, more than 9 years.

At this Practical approach to Microfrontends workshop, he will see to explain the world of Microfrontends, which is quite complex and interesting. “I will try to show how the system works on a practical example, by making a small application we’ll be able to see what are the advantages and disadvantages, how it all works on production, etc. To those who are unfamiliar with the topic of Microfrontend it will be interesting to see how different Frontend frameworks can be combined into a larger whole,” Nemanja explained.

Fun, education, and quiz

This is a great opportunity where the participants will be able to gain knowledge on this topic, a technology that is becoming increasingly popular, all on a practical example. “Given the speed of development, they can expect to work on such an application in the near future. The whole lecture will be interactive and in the end the participants will have a quiz. The fastest and most accurate participants will receive valuable prizes and experiences that will pay off in the near future. In addition, they will be able to meet people who work in Badin and exchange experiences, “Nemanja explained.

There is not much time left to apply and the number of participants is limited. Register and be part of our Badin Anniversary Meetup, the first out of five events that we organize to celebrate our fifth anniversary!