5 great years of Badin and 5 events to celebrate (2/5)


The second event in celebration of our anniversary – Panel Discussion: Quality in the World of Java Software Development

We continue with our series of events on the occasion of the celebration of the fifth anniversary of Badin! We have announced 5 events that we will celebrate together. After the Badin Anniversary Meetup held in September, we organized another, the second in a row – Panel Discussion: Quality in the World of Java Software Development.

The panel discussion was held online. Attendees had the opportunity to hear about the experience of engineers in the field of Quality in the world of Java Software Development. Also, about tools, practices, challenges, processes, and other elements that directly affect the quality of code.

Who participated in the panel discussion?

Panelists are experts with many years of experience in the field of Java technology. At the Panel Discussion, we had the opportunity to listen to:

And the whole story was led by event moderator Milos Stojanovic, Senior Java Engineer & People Manager from Badin soft.

Quality in the World of Java Software Development

We talked to our colleagues Marko Milenkovic and Milos Stojanovic about the panel discussion, the choice of topic, and the impressions of the event. Also, about the importance of sharing knowledge, how Badin Soft does it, and why we want to continue organizing such events.

In the conversation, Marko told us that this event was a great opportunity for all to work on improving the community of developers in Nis and beyond.

Much more attention is being paid to code quality today than was the case before. The participants in the panel have many years of experience. They have been in the IT industry for a very long time. I believe that those present heard practical advice that could help them. Especially to people with less experience or those who are starting to create their own career development guidelines, Marko explained.

Milos added that we work in such an industry where people who progress more, they have a greater desire to share knowledge with others.

The panel participants were representatives of companies with which we generally cooperate, such as United Cloud and BlackRock. All companies know how important quality is, and together we were able to present some common practices, he explained.

Milos also said that the topic of Quality in the World of Java Software Development is complex and comprehensive. They did not discuss each segment in detail. Ideas for organizing some new panel discussions can be derived from this topic, for example, Code review, use of tools, etc. More precisely, everything that can contribute to improving quality. Everyone had the opportunity to see the bigger picture and how serious companies work, which is very good. 

Why are we open to sharing knowledge?

Knowledge sharing is crucial for Badin. As a company, we strive to ensure that all employees receive all the necessary information to do their job and progress in the best possible way. Badin is a company where people work in teams. That means that people have good cooperation, communication, and support from each other. The most important thing about Badin Soft is that people are satisfied.

Badin’s idea is to share all our practices as well as culture more widely. Therefore, we also organize events such as Meetup, Panel Discussions, educational workshops, etc.

How do we share knowledge in Badin?

Education, people’s progress, sharing knowledge, and organization of educational events – all this is very important within Badin. We try as much as we can to raise this to the best possible level. For every technology we deal with in Badin we have a Community of practice in which people strive to share their knowledge. Tech leads are engaged in the education and organization of workshops, presentations, and courses.

Although each team works differently, because many of us have a different client, we still try to transfer our accumulated knowledge and experience to each other, to improve ourselves. There are several types of Community of practice in Badin, such as Java, .NET, QA. However, we are not limited to that. Although we do not all deal with the same technology, we try to follow all the events. We also attend events from other areas and hear what our colleagues have to say. We are constantly studying new things, Marko said. 

Learning is the key – the message we send to the community

Learning is the key. That is one of our values. We want to pass it on to the people around us. To learn something new together, share knowledge, and work together on the whole education. Not only internally in the company. Our idea is to transfer our culture to the whole community in Nis, but also beyond.

I would like the community of developers in Serbia, but especially in Nis, to be more active. Also, it is very important for developers to communicate more, work together, and share ideas. This city has made a lot of progress in the last few years in the field of the IT industry. As a city, we have the IT community Nis JUG. We should all be more active to improve as much as possible and to be more innovative and better at work, Marko explained.

Milos adds that we have given the community the wind in its back, that it is great for other companies to organize things like this, that we are open to cooperation with other companies. Perhaps most importantly, raising the level of education in the South of Serbia.

The South of our country has phenomenal stories, quality people who have a lot of experience. It is good to organize something like this. Let’s talk, discuss, share knowledge! More events like this are excellent opportunities to learn from each other, Milos pointed out.

At the end of the conversation, Marko told us that he thinks we’ve started something important and that we should continue.