My First Salary as the First Step Towards a Career in IT: Testimonials & Advice

We are delighted to once again be a part of the My First Salary program powered by the National Employment Service, as a way to train young people for work. The program is realized without formal employment and lasts for nine months. For three years in a row, we have had the chance to meet some amazing people through this program, and we are very happy to meet the ones applying this year.


One of Badin’s core values is continuous learning and support, which is why we are even more happy to be able to contribute to this program.

If you are younger than 30, with no formal work experience, and seek to become a member of our team, you can apply for some of the following positions:

Assistant Cook, Junior Graphic Designer, IT Equipment Procurement Assistant, Business Development Assistant, Marketing Assistant, and Junior QA Engineer. The applications are open until December 6, 2023, via:

Read the full blog to see what our colleagues, who first joined us through this program, have to say about it. Hope to see you soon!

Nemanja Joksimović Frontend Developer

“When I started the MFS program, I was very happy to hear that there was a learning plan that I could follow. Covering things step by step, thoroughly, I felt no pressure, which contributed to my easier learning. I vividly remember my first group project with the people from the MFS program, where we covered all the phases of a successful project. This resulted in some important lessons about teamwork, cooperation, communication, and problem-solving. After that, a big step for me was working alone on my first client project, where I was able to monitor my own progress, and my capability to overcome obstacles. 

I would like all new MFS people to know that persistence always pays off and that they should never give up. It’s important to feel free to ask questions – always. This wasn’t an issue for me as my mentor was friendly and open from day one.”

Marija Jovanović – Quality Assurance Engineer

“As someone who has just finished IT Bootcamp, the “My First Salary” program was an ideal fit for the beginning of my career, and a great opportunity for a beginner to familiarize themselves with the material and show his qualities. Effort, engagement and team spirit are the key things that Badin recognizes and appreciates. Every day brings new challenges, new tasks and obstacles, but also new acquaintances and friendships. One of the challenges I encountered at the beginning was engaging in meetings with clients, where a higher level of professionalism and taking a stand is expected from you, but with the help of constructive feedback and advice from colleagues in the team, everything can be improved!

I can say that the availability of people is the strongest asset in Badin. Everyone is willing to help, to take the time to explain, to give advice, to redirect you to the right path. If you have a goal of becoming an expert in what you wrote down in your “To Do” list this year, the “My First Salary ” program opens that door wide for you.”

Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Milan MarkovićBackend Developer
“I think that this program is a great opportunity for people with no previous experience. Badin is a cool workplace, there’s a pleasant atmosphere, and our people are always ready to share their knowledge. Since the beginning, I was always able to freely ask questions and discuss potential project solutions with my mentor and my colleagues. I learned that communication is an important element of work, both with colleagues and with clients. I always try to be as succinct and clear as possible, to best convey my opinion. When developing soft skills, the feedback I got was very useful, and today, I’m able to easily hold demos for clients.

I would advise all people who enroll that they should be persistent, and aside from the technical knowledge they’ll acquire by working on projects, to work on mastering their communication skills and to try to strike a good balance between the two.”

Dragana Milenković – Office administrator

“I think this program is an excellent opportunity for young and ambitious individuals to start their professional career in a company like Badin. I remember my first steps; I was very motivated, curious, and wanted to know everything immediately. With the help of my mentor, I gradually went through the learning process, mastering both office tasks, as well as business skills and communication. The biggest challenge for me was to overcome the dynamic environment that this position brings – over time I realized that it is a necessary step for professional and personal development. Through the internship, I gained organizational skills, analytical skills and learned to prioritize tasks, while simultaneously developing a focus on details. I am especially happy when I notice that the acquired skills are useful not only at work but also in everyday life.

The advice I would share with new MFS generations is to be open to change, persistent and not give up easily. You should always remember that results come with time and that patience is the key to success.”

Andrija Pavlović – Quality Assurance Engineer

“The decision to apply for the “My First Salary” program was a clear move for me – after finishing the IT Bootcamp I wanted to gain work experience in the field I love. For me, the most important aspects of my internship were gaining valuable work experience, getting to know different technologies and tools, and cooperating with experienced colleagues.

The advice I would give to new interns is that before starting your program, research the company you’ll work in and the position you will be trained in. Then be open to learning, try to be active and build relationships with your colleagues. I believe that Badin has a good attitude towards employees because they feel valued and motivated. Sharing knowledge and self-improvement of employees is encouraged, we have an open culture that facilitates communication and exchanging ideas, as well as a stimulating and creative working environment.

Milica Dimitrijević – Backend Developer
“What amazed me about Badin from the start was the warm atmosphere, not only during my learning process, but also during my interview! During my time in the MFS program, I acquired a good theoretical and practical basis and went through the complete process of developing and maintaining an app, with constant feedback and support from my mentor. Every day, I faced challenges, both technical and people-wise, but overcoming them successfully is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. All this motivated me to continue working and improving myself. I would also like to give an honourable mention to the mentorship program at Badin – the mentors here really know how to share and instill knowledge in young developers who are at the beginning of their career.

I strongly recommend all young people to apply for the program, as it’s a great opportunity to start their professional career and establish themselves in the IT world.

Mladen Jovanović – Quality Assurance Engineer

“I think that this program provides a great opportunity for someone who is young and without previous work experience to prove himself. I have also had the opportunity to view a new generation of MFS people come to Badin, and I noticed how they refreshed all employees with their enthusiasm, ambition, and willingness to learn and improve. Since the beginning, Badin provided me with technical support for learning and working, as well as a good mentor who taught me what it means to be a good QA. I learned to prioritize my work, how the business functions as a whole, the significance of seeing the bigger picture, but also how to work in a big company.

My advice for all people who apply is to try to focus on teamwork and to openly share their knowledge and experience with others.

My Firs

“Success isn’t just about climbing up the ladder, but about lifting others with you.”

The author of the blog, Dragana Milenković, is a master pedagogue by vocation. Since December 2022, she has been part of Badin as the Office administrator. She’s a creative colleague who enjoys creative activities and continuous self-improvement. In her free time, she enjoys writing, and we also have the opportunity to enjoy her texts. She is always in the mood to listen and help her colleagues, but also to relax by reading, listening to music and having a leisurely walk in nature.